Doc' en herbe is the association of the doctoral students from the doctoral school "Sciences du végétal" (Plant sciences) of Université Paris-Saclay. Each year, we organise some events that aim to develop interactions between students in plant biology, such as the "PhD days" during which doctoral students share their work and benefit from the advice of other students. We also strive to improve relationships between PhD students in Europe by organising the trip to the European Plant Science Retreat (EPSR), a European congress organised "by the doctoral students and for the doctoral students" to discuss their work and promote collaborations in Europe. Finally, the association also wants to facilitate the integration of PhD students outside the academic sector through close collaboration with the forum BIOtechno.

Facebook @DocEnHerbe

Bâtiment 630 - rue Noetzlin
Université Paris-Sud
91190 Gif-sur-Yvette