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Design, a multidisciplinary discipline, combines creativity and sensitivity with technology and economics to improve our quality of life with better products, experiences or services. Design appeals to our emotions, intuitiveness and senses to spark an instant attachment to a product or a service. As such, design has become a crucial factor of competitiveness in a number of sectors.

The Université Paris-Saclay ecosystem is home to thousands of researchers, engineers and inventors who are designing our future. The Design Spot aims to support them as they develop their innovative projects and thereby meet the expectations of tomorrow’s society.


Three main roles


The Design Center will provide laboratories, researchers and engineers with the necessary resources to connect research projects with functions and markets through design.


The Design Center will also have an introspective mission, facilitating research on the discipline itself.


The Design Center will help students become more familiar with the discipline and encourage them to integrate design into their projects.

Vincent Créance, project manager for the Université Paris-Saclay Design Center

Photo de Vincent CréanceVincent Créance, a graduate of the Ecole Supérieure de Design Industriel, joined Université Paris-Saclay this summer. Prior to this appointment, he was the director of design at Plan Créatif, a product design and corporate identity agency, for over ten years, giving him extensive knowledge of industry, from SMEs to large corporations. A former director of design and communication for Alcatel's telephony division, Mr. Créance took over management of MBD Design France in 2006. This design agency is a real forerunner in France, known for its projects in the transport sector, particularly rail: TGV Est with Christian Lacroix, Reims and Marseille trams, the Singapore metro, etc.

As Chairman and CEO of MBD Design France, Mr. Créance restructured and reoriented the firm's strategy and developed its transport activities internationally, managing up to 50 projects a year for large corporations and SMEs in Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, etc.

Mr. Créance defines his profession of 30 years as a ‘passion,’ with its highly sensitive and artistic dimensions. Now involved in design education, he means to pass on his experience and “what he has understood of the profession.” He is delighted to be working on a project that is both creative and emblematic of Université Paris-Saclay.

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