The doctoral supervisor, from Université Paris-Saclay, provides online information on all the sections of the application for an international cotutella agreement (access to the interface below).

The application must be made online, via this interface, in all cases, including when the foreign university is responsible for drawing up the text of the agreement.

It is also requested to provide the subject of the thesis and a copy of any other agreement or contract already signed or in preparation and containing information concerning the doctoral project, so that it can be taken into account in the negotiation of the cotutella agreement, (To ensure coherence and simplify the drafting of certain parts by referring to what has already been signed, for example, on intellectual property). You will have to download them from the interface.

It is recalled that only the doctoral projects of candidates already admitted to enroll by the doctoral school or doctoral researchers already enrolled by UPSaclay can be the subject of an application for an international cotutella agreement.


The application is then automatically submitted by e-mail

For an opinion :

  • To the director of the research lab. of the doctoral supervisor at Université Paris-Saclay,
  • To the correspondent for the international cotutella agreements of the doctoral school,
  • To the correspondent for the international cotutella agreements of the member institution of Université Paris-Saclay by which the doctoral researcher will be registered,

For information :

  • To the persons in charge of international cotutella agreements at the Université Paris-Saclay headquarters.
  • To the correspondent in the institution housing the research lab.

Recipients will be asked to verify the eligibility of the application within their area of responsibility and to provide information required to set up the agreeement when you can not provide it.


Upon receipt of the favorable opinions, the Université Paris-Saclay will contact the correspondent of the partner institution abroad (if it has been previously identified in the co-supervision request and if this is not the case, UPSaclay will identify this person with the thesis supervisor abroad) and is responsible for negotiating with the foreign partner institution and the persons / services concerned at Université Paris-Saclay ;

If these opinions diverged, a committee drawn up by the group of cotutelle correspondents and appointed by the president of Université Paris-Saclay would be responsible for examining the application and deciding on the action to be taken.

Unless the partner institution abroad wishes to do this, Université Paris-Saclay initiates and prepares the draft of the international cotutella agreement in collaboration with the supervisor and, if necessary, with the Legal services of the institutions concerned.


Once negotiations are finalised and all the parties concerned have approved the content and terms of the draft convention, then Université Paris-Saclay will initiate and manage the signature circuit in agreement with the foreign partner institution.

Download the procedure to establish an international co-supervision of thesis.

Online application for an international cotutella agreement

The informations requested are all necessary to finalize an international cotutella agreement. If you have the possibility to provide all this information, the agreement can be put in place as soon as possible.

However, if you do not have some of this information or if you do not know how to answer certain questions, do not look for this information too long and do not stay locked. Unless it is a "mandatory" response, it will suffice to indicate that you do not have the requested information yet in the application online.

We will be able to specify this information later, either with you by telephone or by e-mail, or with the relevant structures or services of Université Paris-Saclay and of the foreign partner university

The correspondents' contacts for international cotutella agreements at Université Paris-Saclay (Université Paris-Saclay Headquarters, doctoral schools, member institutions) can be found here. Do not hesitate to contact them, they will be able to help you.

When you fill out the online application, it is strongly recommended to save your draft regularly ("enregistrer votre brouillonat the bottom of each page) in order not to lose the information entered.

As long as you do not click on "soumettre" to submit the application, you will be able to complete or modify the information saved provided that the web page remains open or in cache.

Once you have completed the application, you will need to preview the application ("visualiser l'aperçu") and click on "soumettre" to submit the application.

You will then receive an acknowledgment of receipt message at the e-mail address you provided us, informing you of the follow-up given to your application and summarizing the elements you have provided to start the work of setting up the international cotutella agreement.

The director of your research unit (at the e-mail address you provided) and the people that have to provide an opinion on your application at Université Paris-Saclay will also receive a message summarizing the elements you have provided to start the work of setting up the international cotutella agreement.