Dean of the doctoral School n°569 ITFA | Therapeutic innovation

Born in 1961, Christian Poüs is a Pharmacist graduated from the university of Montpellier I (1984). Former house biologist from the hospitals of Paris, he became assistant biologist, then hospital practitioner (1992) in hospital Bichat. Next, he became assistant professor in Biochemistry (Paris-Sud, 1994), professor of Cell Biology (Faculty of Pharmacy, Paris-Sud, 2003) and head of the Biochemistry-Hormonology laboratory in the hospital Antoine Béclère (APHP-Clamart, 2002).

Since 2007, he belongs to the doctoral school « Theapeutic innovation, from basics to applications» in which he has supervised the pole « Cellular and molecular pathophysiology » until 2014. He became the director of this doctoral school in 2015.

Christian Poüs is a specialist of microtubule dynamics. He has directed a research unit (JE2493 then EA1595) and is now the leader of a team in the unit INSERM UMR-S 1193. His research topics concern microtubule dynamics and its physiological regulation, from basic mechanisms to the links with cellular signalling and autophagy. He also studies mechanisms involving the microtubules in cell resistance to anti-cancer drugs.

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