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24 and 25 November 2015
1st business convention of the Université Paris-Saclay on "Big Data"

Université Paris-Saclay is organizing its first Business Convention (BDBC) on the theme "Big Data" in Saclay. This is an ambitious event with a national scope targeting challenges and opportunities of Big Data including data sciences, business potential.

This convention will be held on 24 and 25 November 2015 in Saclay.The 2-day Business Convention will highlight the Université Paris-Saclay offers in terms of research, education and innovation in the field of Big Data. The purpose of this event is to strengthen relationships between the industry and the members of the Université Paris-Saclay in order to promote collaborative projects and to generate transfer opportunities.

In the target area, the convention will guide players of the socio-economic world towards the various research units and technology platforms. It will provide a  comprehensive overview of  the numerous areas of scientific research in Saclay. The Big Data specifics of the campus will be featured in terms of cross-disciplinary science and know-how.
Expected results :  improve the promotion of research in Saclay, identify innovative Big Data fields to anticipate future developments, identify data sources that would be available for research, facilitate collaborative projects at all levels (research, training, transfer), and finally detect/trigger technology transfer opportunities.

For more information, please contact: Nozha Boujemaa (scientific referent) 01 72 92 59 01, ; Gunnar Pettersson (FCS, University Paris-Saclay) 01 69 33 21 68 


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November, 24November, 25

8:45 Welcome: Peter Todd, Director General and Dean of HEC;  Gilles Bloch, President of the University Paris-Saclay; Nozha Boujemaa, president of the steering committee.

9:00 Axelle Lemaire opening speech, Secretary of State in charge of digital

8:45 International Initiatives in Big Data Moderator N. Boujemaa (Inria, ISN) with Francoise Soulié-Fogelman (Professor, School of Computer Software, Tianjin University - China).
9:30 Keynote « The Road to General Artificial Intelligence », Moderator N. Boujemaa- Christopher Bishop (Director Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK).

9:30 Personal Data, interdisciplinary approach Moderator: A. Rallet, Sophie Vulliet-Tavernier (CNIL), Jean-Marc Josset (Orang Labs) Philippe Pucheral (UVSQ), Claire Levallois-Barth (Télécom ParisTech) and Fabrice Rochelandet (Université Paris Sorbonne Nouvelle).

10h15 Launch of the exhibition - Jean-Luc Beylat (Systematic). Pause/exhibition/networking11h00 Pause/exhibition/networking

10:45  Session «Data Science», Moderators B. Kegl (CNRS, Directeur du Paris-Saclay Center for Data Science) Moderator: Alexandre Gramfort (Telecom ParisTech); Erwan Le Pennec (Ecole polytechnique); François Yvon (LIMSI) and Ioana Manolescu (INRIA), Nikos Paragios (CentraleSupélec).

12:00 « Machine Learning @ IBM, Watson et autres» Moderator Y. Poilane (Telecom ParisTech): Jean-François Puget (Chief Architect, IBM Analytics Solutions).

11:30 Big Data, Marketing digital & CRM &  Moderator: Marc Vanhuele (HEC)

with Sihem Amer-Yahia (CNRS), Stéphane Chaillou (Salezeo), Peter Ebbes (Professor marketing, HEC),  Marc Schoenauer (Inria) and  Mouloud Dey (SAS France) .

12:30 Lunch/exhibition/networking13:00 Lunch/exhibition/networking
13:30 Keynote: «Big Data Infrastructure and Open Data», Moderator N. Boujemaa with Masaru Kitsuregawa - CEO National Institute of Informatics - Japan.14:30 Big Data & Transport Moderator: Jean-Noël Patillon (CEA), J-L. Beylat (Systematic) wtih Jean-Marc David  (Renault); Pierre Jouniaux (Safety Line); Pierre Senellart (Telecom ParisTech) and  Philippe Sajhau, VP smarter cities (IBM).
14:15 Big Data & Health, Moderation Benhabiles N., J-P. Mametz with Bertrand Thirion (INRIA), Jean-Philippe Mametz (SANOFI), Charles Huot (TEMIS / GFII & Big Data Alliance); Isabelle Zablit-Schmitz (Wellfundr / Syntec Numérique) and Nora Benhabiles (CEA). 16:00 Pause/exhibition/networking
15:45 Pause/exhibition/networking 
16:15 Big Data & Energies Moderation Olivier Teytaud (Inria), Georges Hébrail (EDF R&D), Jean-Claude Vannier (CentraleSupélec) - LIVEGrid, François Stephan (SystemX), Samir Issad (RTE) and Ronan Stephan (Alstom, GE Global Research).16: 30 //  Panel «Training in Big Data», Moderator Patrick Duvaut (Télécom ParisTech)
Offer Survey restitution «Training in Big Data at University Paris-Saclay»Elisabeth Dufour-Gergam (Université Paris-Saclay) and Patrick Duvaut (Télécom ParisTech),
Experience Testimonials from training graduates in Big Data, MS, M2 aso. Anthony Hayot (MS-Télécom ParisTech), Meaghan Kappel (MBA-HEC), Steven Uzan (CentraleSupélec), Thomas Moreau (ENS Cachan)
Needs Round Table and presentations. «What training needs for Big Data» HRD executives: Airbus (Bruno Carron), Quantmetry (Issam Ibnouhsein), Thalès (Emmanuel Fusco) and (Khang Nguyen Trieu).
17:45 Which market for Big Data ? Moderator Gohar P. Jean-Noel Georges, Global Program Director at Frost & Sullivan.or 16:30 //  Panel «National funding and programs for Big Data» Moderator Philippe Roy (Cap Digital) with  Laurent Rojey (Program Director digital economy - CGI), Fabien Terraillot (Chef du bureau du logiciel – DGE) and Martine Garnier-Rizet  (ANR).

The program is based on the presentation of ongoing projects and technologies from the Université Paris-Saclay and its ecosystem (industrial partners, clusters, academic and industrial chairs ...)

Some key themes:

  • Market analysis (definition, size / growth, French specificities, etc.)
  • Mapping of training (initial and ongoing) for big data
  • Scientific Offer: specific strenghts and know-how in the ecosystem of the Université Paris-Saclay
  • Knowledge and practices at the borders of science: case studies involving data producers / users / transformersin many application areas (Health, Transport, Energy, Marketing, CRM, etc.)



The socio-economic actors in the area of Big Data may support this business convention. If your company is interested, please contact The booking form is available here (in french)   Dossier Sponsoring Exposition

Platinium Sponsor


The organizing committee comprises representatives of the founding members of the Université Paris-Saclay and socio-economic actors.

Nozha Boujemaa (Inria / ISN) – Head, Balazs Kegl (CNRS / Lidex CDS), Grégory Peignon (Université Paris-Sud), Esther Slamitz (Systematic), Patrick Duvaut (Institut Mines Télécom), Jean-Noël Patillon (CEA LIST), Sylvain Tuil (Finance & Technologie), Marie-Pauline Gacoin (Université Paris-Saclay), Hélène Kérec (Université Paris-Saclay), Gunnar Pettersson (Université Paris-Saclay), Mokrane Bouzeghoub (CNRS INS2I), Marc Vanhuele (HEC), Philippe Roy (Cap Digital), Michel Beaudouin-Lafon (LRI / DigiScope), Benoit Desjardins (FMJH), Alexandre Steiner (Numergy).


The Business Convention will take place on the HEC Paris campus, 15 km south of Paris. Acces map on link.

Accomodation on this link.







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