Public Notice of Thesis Defence

Deadline: At the latest, 1 week prior to the planned thesis defence date:

Theses defences agreed to by the institution (recorded in the ADUM operating database) will be automatically published on Université Paris-Saclay's website.

Public notice prior to thesis defence is required by law.

Access to the documents of the defence

Deadline: at the latest, the day before of the defense

The doctoral candidates retrieves from academic affairs department of the higher education institution where s/he is enrolled or download from his personal space Adum,

  • the blank minutes form on the doctoral thesis defence
  • the blank doctoral thesis defence report,
  • the note on the functioning of the examination panel
  • and the blank form of audits of major corrections to the thesis

to provide them to the examination panel on the day of the thesis defence.

Privacy /Confidentiality - Public Attendance

Deadline: the date of thesis defence

Where the head of institution has authorised a defence behind closed doors, any parties wishing to attend the thesis defence must sign a confidentiality agreement before being admitted to the room in which the thesis defence is taking place.

Confidentiality agreements signed by the public must be returned to the Academic Affairs Department after the defence.

The defence

The duration of the defence is usually 45 minutes to an hour and is followed by questions from the examination panel. After the candidate has been questioned by the examination panel, the chairman of the examination panel can offer to the public to ask questions. Usage is that only the doctors would ask questions.

In its deliberations, the examination panel appreciates the quality of the work of the doctoral candidate, their innovative character, the ability of the doctoral candidate to situate them in their scientific context and its presentation skills.

The examination panel may request corrections. When the work corresponds to a collective research, the personal part of each doctoral candidate is appreciated by a memory that he writes and presents individually to the examination panel.

Exceptionally, and with the exception of its chairman, members of the examination panel may participate in the defence by means of videoconferencing or electronic communication allowing their identification and their effective participation in a collegial deliberation and satisfactory technical characteristics guaranteeing the continuous and simultaneous transmission debates.