Marie Cornu: protecting cultural heritage

Tuesday 11 June 2019 - Research

Marie Cornu is a research director at the Institute of Social Sciences of Politics (ISP) and is attached to ENS Paris-Saclay. After a first...

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L’Association Française d’Etude de la Concurrence élit notre collègue Muriel Chagny comme présidente.

Friday 07 June 2019 - Research

Muriel Chagny a été élue ce 23 mai 2019 présidente de l'AFEC, Association Française d'Etude de la Concurrence. Elle succède à Jean-Louis Fourgoux,...

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Thibault Cantat: transforming CO2 from sustainable energies

Tuesday 04 June 2019 - Research

Thibault Cantat is a researcher at the CEA and a chemist specialising in the chemistry of metals and their use in catalysis. For the past ten years...

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Individual Fellowships 2019: candidates formed by our experts!

Monday 03 June 2019 - Europe

As every year since 2015, the Université Paris-Saclay has organised a training session dedicated to individual MSCA fellowships. And this year...

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Notre-Dame's fire: French research is on the move

Wednesday 29 May 2019 - Research

Following to the tragedy that occurred on April 15, 2019 at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, where the roof was destroyed by a fire, the CNRS has...

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