2020 Call for Projects

Université Paris-Saclay offers financial support to help researchers and professors organise international thematic schools (such as summer/winter schools).

The aim of this call is to help attract excellent international students, PhD candidates and researchers within the framework of international partnerships and to create new scientific networks to address scientific and societal challenges of the future.

Financial support will be awarded based on the quality and reputation of international speakers, and the originality of the project, and should contribute to the creation or extension of an alumni network with members from different international institutions.


Purpose of the call

This call is open to researchers and professors from the member institutions of Université Paris-Saclay.

Submitted projects can address all scientific fields and target participants from all levels of training. The international thematic school should:

  • last between 3 days and 5 weeks
  • take place in 2020
  • include an international partner where possible
  • be organised wholly or in part at Université Paris-Saclay. Thematic schools organised abroad are eligible if they are part of a series of thematic schools organised regularly at different locations
  • participants (students, PhD candidates, researchers) from Université Paris-Saclay should represent half of all participants coming from a French institution.
Eligible projects:
  • Aim at deepening the scientific knowledge of participants, help them define their academic or professional project, support their professional integration, or encourage them to pursue research in a given field;
  • Help initiate or strengthen a collaboration or an international partnership in education or research;
  • Can be unique editions or series of thematic schools based on structured international exchange. In the case of a series of schools, these should take place regularly (every two years at the most).
Will not be eligible:
  • Projects that are submitted by researchers or professors from outside of Université Paris-Saclay.
  • Schools funded through the 2019 call for project for the organisation of international thematic schools.


Funding and conditions of support

The amount awarded by the International Relations Department of Université Paris-Saclay for each thematic school will not exceed 5,000 €. Project leaders will be able hold this funding concurrently with other Université Paris-Saclay sources of funding and are invited to contact the internal structures concerned to submit their request. Funding awarded by Université Paris-Saclay may also be held concurrently with other types of funding (embassy, region, department, public institution…), and cannot represent more than 50% of the total cost of the thematic school.

Expenses covered by the Université Paris-Saclay funding are as follows:

  • Travel and accommodation expenses for scientific experts;
  • Travel, accommodation and registration expenses for participants;
  • Room reservations;
  • Catering expenses.
Selection criteria

Funding will be awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of the international partnership (where applicable);
  • Excellence, reputation of international speakers (where applicable);
  • Quality of the scientific project;
  • Innovative potential of the teaching model;
  • Impact and perspectives for development;
  • Quality of reception and organisation (supervision of participants, social programmes, logistics, fiscal balance, etc.).

Particular attention will be given to projects enabling to reinforce an international partnership of Université Paris-Saclay, as well as to newly or recently created schools (less than 3 years).


Submission of projects

Applications must include:

  • The application form duly completed;
  • The CV of the scientist in charge of the project;
  • The preliminary programme of the school;
  • A provisional budget specifying amounts asked of Université Paris-Saclay;
  • Other notifications of funding where relevant for the organisaiton of the school;
  • All other document deemed necessary for the assessment of the file.

Submission procedure: Applications must be submitted via the online form.

Following the thematic school: Within six weeks after the end of the international thematic school, the project leader must send the following documents to Université Paris-Saclay:

  • The implementation report duly completed;
  • The detailed programme of the school;
  • The satisfaction questionnaire filled in by participants (in pdf format to be downloaded below or fill in via the online form);
  • A financial budget complete with invoices corresponding to expenses born by Université Paris-Saclay. 

Université Paris-Saclay reserves the right to refuse or to put an end to funding if the information declared is false or in the absence of all documents required.

The documents to be filled in can be downloaded below.


Composition of the selection committee and calendar

Composition: The selection committee includes representatives from the Education/Schools, Research, Doctoral College and International Relations departments of Université Paris-Saclay.


  • Publication of the call for projects: 8 October 2019
  • Closing date of applications: 17 November 2019 (midnight)
  • Announce of results: January 2020



Visuals (PowerPoint presentations or other, posters) must imperatively carry the logos of Université Paris-Saclay and of the programme d’Investissements d’Avenir.