2020 AstroParticle Symposium

Postponed to 2021 - From 02/11/2020 to 27/11/2020

Local Organising Committee: François Brun, Carla Macolino, Olivier Deligny, Fabio Acero, and Fabian Schussler


SOC Members:

  • Roberta Zanin

  • Emma de Ona Wilhelmi

  • Antonio Stamerra

  • Marcos Santander

  • Petra Huentemeyer

  • Ralph Engel

  • Kumiko Kotera

  • Huihai He

  • Pasquale Blasi

  • Jean-François Glicenstein

  • Pierre Brun

  • Luca Grandi

  • Aldo Ianni

  • Anne LEMIERE

  • Frédérique Marion


On behalf of:

  • SylvieLeray, Director of the P2IO LabEx,Paris-Saclay University

  • TiinaSuomijärvi, Director of the P2I ResearchDepartment, ParisSaclay University


Program Manager (Institut Pascal): Francesca Sconfienza


About this program:



A long-term workshop on experimental Astroparticle Physics will be held at Institut Pascal in Orsay. This workshop is a continuation of the Paris-Saclay AstroParticle Symposium of 2019 on theoretical Astroparticle Physics. 



The aim is to gather specialists of the field (around 30 per week) on the topics of High-Energy Astroparticle Physics including high-energy cosmic rays, gammas, neutrinos and gravitational waves with special emphasis on multi-wave length and multi-messenger studies. The workshop includes working sessions every day (only one informal discussion per day, and on Friday, a 'conference' format day with speakers). We intend to invite confirmed researchers accompanied by their students and/or postdocs to make working conditions as enticing as possible. The aim is to initiate/continue/finalise research projects in an inspiring environment.


Schedule of topics that will be covered


Week 1: Ecosystem of the Galactic Cosmic-Rays


  • CR acceleration and sources
  • Propagation and anisotropies 
  • Composition


Week 2: Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays


  • Observations
  • Acceleration and source candidates 
  • Propagation and model testing
  • Anisotropies across all energies
  • Galactic/Extra-galactic transition
  • Lessons from neutrinos


Week 3: The Transient HE Sky


  • Galactic sources: Pulsars, binary systems
  • GRB
  • GW events
  • AGN variability (and link to HE neutrinos)
  • FRBs
  • Alert and follow-up systems


Week 4: Fundamental physics in the Astroparticle context


  • Dark matter searches
  • Direct / indirect searches
  • Candidates and link to theory
  • Exotic physics: PBHs (and link to inflation), LIV searches, GW stochastic background, fundamental tests with GW


Further details about this event will follow in the coming weeks.

For any questions, please contact the Pascal Institute by emailing francesca.sconfienza@universite-paris-saclay.fr

To register your interest in participating in this program, please click here.